Changelog EN

Version 5.0.3

3D Secure Version 2.1
Corrected sha hash calculation for redirect calls with special chars

Version 5.0.2

polyfill for string method: startsWith
changed inline style setting from initial to block

Version 5.0.1

support for payments DirectEbankingDE, DirectEbankingAT, ...
create warning log entry if old deferred feedback controller is still used

Version 5.0.0

compatibility to Oxid 6

Version 4.2.8

corrected bug for terms and conditions check on order submit

Version 4.2.7

if a subshop is selected, the ingenico payments log only shows entries for that subshop

Version 4.2.6

check for mandatory fields in psp feedback
write to log if mandatory fields where not present
documentation in module files

Version 4.2.5

correct template name when javascript is disabled and alias payment is used
correct path to functions.php if module is included via symlink

Version 4.2.4

link to german or english documentation and changelog respectively
split logs per date
download link for filtered log

Version 4.2.3

use default oxid behaviour for order success mails

Version 4.2.2

|_. Description|
|Hotfix for branding method problems|

Version 4.2.1

branding method changed

Version 4.2.0

file srructure changed

Version 4.1.0

aftersales functionality (capture, refund) added
saving alias data for reuse added
logging improvements
show session id and user in all log entries
logging entries in a filterable table
no duplicate entries in status overview

Version 4.0.2

check for order creation to prevent order with empty information and oxordernr = 0
resolved order amount rounding error (e.g. with amount is 16.90)

Version 4.0.1

don't send order mails when handling deferred feedback is changed

Version 4.0.0

Templates for the Flow Theme added
Flow Theme Templates are always used when Azure is not active
BillPay Bug Fixed: Incorrect Prices at Position Level
Smaller bug fixes

Version 3.3.0

Two new payment methods: VVV Gift Card and Dankort are added
If no order has been created for any reason, the customer is returned with an info back to the payment page

Version 3.2.1

The redirect page to the PSP is translated via LangaugeFiles
Also the ShopId is sent to the PSP and reused with a Redirect and Deferred feedback

Version 3.2.0

Adjustment of values for SHA Out calculation
The order can now also be created via the deferred feedback
The URL for the Deferred Feedback changes from[...]deferred_feedback to [... ] fncHandleDeferredFeedback (values for [...] corresponding to the PSP)

Version 3.1.1

Adapted behavior for mastercard, when iframe is active but Hidden Auth is disabled
Save the PayID as VarChar because the PSP number has changed for this value
Select whether the PayID or OrderID should be stored in the field oxtransid of the table oxorder

Version 3.1.0

Convert a template override into an extension with Blockappend
Correct functionality, if javascript is disabled

Version 3.0.4

Ticket Description
#2523 Fixed rounding problem from float to Int
# 2694 Correct calculation of the address hash with invoice AND delivery address
# 2814 Convert all response parameters in UpperCase for correct recognition
# 2918 Deliveries of the Federal States with orders, if this is set, with orders over Paypal

Version 3.0.3

Ticket Description
#2600 Backward compatibility for outdated PHP version
# 2384 Problem with completion of the order Resolving a problem with the terms and conditions confirmation enabled

Version 3.0.2

Ticket Description
# 2523 Error Checking Amount Parsing the basketAmounts to Intvals to perform correct comparison
# 2284 credit card problem iFrame and Redirect Using Mastercard under iFrame is now sent as a brand eurocard

Version 3.0.1

Ticket Description
#2298: Function '_validateTermsAndConditions' does not exist or is not accessible! Behebt ein Problem mit Shopware Versionen kleiner 4.8.6
#2288: Hidden Authorization erzeugen SHA Out Mismatch Anpassung der SHA-Keys für Hidden Authorization

Version 3.0

Ticket Description
#1038: Finalize Order after Payment  
> #2067: Order Finalisation The order is only created after the payment has been authorized. Failed authorizations therefore do not create an erroneous order
> #2116: Insertion of a Transaction-ID Instead of the order ID, a transaction ID is now used for communication with Ogone
> #2117: Behaviour of the Payment-Controller The Payment Controller uses the ResponseHandler to process the feedback of Ogone
> #2120: Using the execute function instead of finalizeOrder The oxide-specific function execute is used to create the purchase order
> #2122: ParamBuilder without usage of oxOrder DThe ParamBuilder needs to compute the information for Ogone from oxUser and oxBasket so that no posting needs to be made
> #2191: One Page (using Alias Gateway) should be optional It is possible to dispense with the use of Hidden Authorization (Onsite). Instead, a payment is made by means of Redirect.
> #2225: Multitab Problem A security gap resulting from the creation of the order after payment has been fixed
> #2226: Hidden Authorization using iFrame (Hosted Tokenization Page) It is possible to choose whether the Hidden Authorization is to be executed via JavaScript with a form on the shop side or with an iFrame.
#1039: Core library for Ogone API calls
> #2118: Splitting the ParamBuilder into three Services There is now a separate ParamBuilder for each interface
> #2119: Changing the RequestParameter Model from an array into objects with setters and getters The OgoneResponse model now has Getter and Setter for the most important parameters (OrderID, Alias, Status, ...)
> #2121: FeedbackHandler as a Service Each interface has its own FeedbackHandler that handles the Ogone response
> #2123: Call of the Alias-Gateway using the Client A client class is available for direct communication with Ogone
> #2124: Access to Request parameters only using oxConfig Oxide provides a function for secure access to request parameters (GET / POST). This function should always be used for access
> #2230: Creating the URLs depending on the settings live mode and utf-8 The interface URLs no longer have to be entered manually, but are determined using the parameters isLiveModus and useUtf8
#2059: Set payment date You can set whether the payment date is to be set automatically if an OK status is returned from the PSP (does not mean that the money has been received)
#2155: Running Tests on a testshop on porthugalserver The module was extensively tested for shop versions 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9