Conceptional Questions

Setup / Module Settings

  • Should Avalara be active for specific countries only?
    --> Configuration for delivery country or for each shopinstance
    --> Settings: Active and US or CA or US and CA.
  • Which currency can be used with the Avalara API?
  • Is it Possible to receive US tax in Euro?


  • Could Avalara always be requested? Or is caching of Avalara responses required (e.g. address-check?)
    • Info: The experience shows in average up to 10 getTax calls before order confirmation. In a straight-forward order entry process, the number of calls should be about three to five.
      --> No caching necessary.
  • Which address is relevant for addressCheck ?
    --> delivery address

After Sales

  • How do changes to existing orders work?
    • For example partial cancelation?
    • Or increase position amount / quantity.
      --> It is possible to calculate and set negative taxes for refunds.
  • Does Avalara offer a history of all order states, to compare any changes?
    • Shopware does not. Only the current state is available.


  • How does Avalara calculate the tax rate with TaxIncluded "true" (Do we need transmit netprices?)
    --> Tax included just tells Avalara, if the Avalara tax is included in the price (frozen price)
    --> So net prices has to be transmitted. No "German" taxes included.
  • Which optional parameters can change the tax rates?
  • What could be a scenario to send original invoice date as tax calculation date for return orders/credit memos?
    • Should it be configurable?
  • Has the sender address influence on the calculated tax value?
    --> no.
  • Which would be the relevant delivery address for virtual goods?
  • What should happen if address validations failed?
    --> The transaction should be allowed to proceed even if they accept the invalid address as being correct.
  • How will the tax be calculated if the address is invalid?
    --> not our business ;)
  • Why does the example for GetTax Result not return any calculated tax?
  • Are payment and/or shipping fees relevant for tax-calculation ?