= 1.7.8 ==
* Added missing snippets to ini file
* handle keep user data on uninstall

= 1.7.7 ==
* removed EKP

= 1.7.6 ==
* removed language specific labels from plugin.xml
* Used fallback for address export when no street no. is set
* stop cleaning cache on uninstall
* used new DHL API

= 1.7.5 ==
* changed technical name from DHLPaWunschpaket -> dhlxxWunschzustellung

= 1.7.4 ==
* Used new naming convention
* Ensured Shopware 5.7 as minimum version

= 1.7.3 ==
* Removed function's return type declaration

= 1.7.2 ==
* made plugin compatible to php 8

= 1.7.1 ==
* updated registration link for dhl

= 1.7 ==
* added compatibility for Showpware 5.7

= 1.6.9 ==
* added compatibility with SwagBundle plugin

= 1.6.8 ==
* fix show dhl box when all options are disabled for specific shipping method

= 1.6.7 ==
* fix backend google maps error

= 1.6.6 ==
* removed tracking pixel

= 1.6.5 ==
* fix load of missing images
* prevent error messages for shopType postBank

= 1.6.4 ==
* create option which hides services that are not suitable to the current payment and delivery method

= 1.6.3 ==
* bugfix: update script

= 1.6.2 ==
* exclude shipping types more gradually

= 1.6.1 ==
* load google maps api on the account page

= 1.6.0 ==
* removed deprecated Wunschzeit service

= 1.5.9 ==
* only show DHL error message when previously selected a DHL service
* show service drop down while not selected a country
* show/hide map button with DHL services

= 1.5.8 ==
* allow additional field for billing addresses

= 1.5.7 ==
* use article quantity for weight calculation
* proper display when packstations are disabled
* quote payment ids for sql query
* ignore vouchers for preferred day check

= 1.5.6 ==
* styling for address select type when map is not active
* don't fit to bounds after dragged map
* no csrf check on items action

= 1.5.5 ==
* redo: styling of input fields in account addresses

= 1.5.4 ==
* styling of input fields in account addresses

= 1.5.3 ==
* Prepare image src for map icons as data attributes to prevent lazy loading
* Proper display of input fields on the account page

= 1.5.2 ==
* Styling changes for the button to search for a packstation
* add events for 3rd party plugin compatibility
* css for non dhl street

= 1.5.1 ==
* Bugfix: Show map when searching for packstation on checkout/shippingPayment page

= 1.5.0 ==
* Bugfix: Check that new invoice address (which also will be shipping address) is not a Packstation
* Third party plugin compatibility (B2B: First and last name is not required)
* Only load google maps api javascript on necessary pages


  • Bugfix: Check that Order variable is not empty in the DocumentSubscriber


  • Bugfix: Check that EntityManager is open before flushing changes


  • Bugfix: Fix log level value type


  • Bugfix: keep the selected shipping method on the finish page


  • Making the plugin to be compatible with the Shopware core solution for hiding non-supplied countries


  • Bugfix: with handling map item select button click


  • Bugfix: with handling map item select button click


  • Fix *.less filename to be compatible with grunt
  • Fix cutoff time handling


  • The plugin is now compatible with the Shopware 5.5
  • Unused attributes handling for the table s_user_shippingaddress_attributes has been removed


  • Added tooltip library for info icons
  • Stopped preferred neighbour and preferred location from being disabled
  • Bugfix: handle exception if no ekp is provided
  • Bugfix: store logs correctly, added missing directory seperator


  • Package control API has been connected, DHL's EKP now has to be entered in the backend
  • Improvements in the frontend, Wunschpaket-Service near the shipping method
  • Change in tracking, every 30 days


  • Bugfix: correct wording for save button


  • Add link for data protection page
  • Make the plugin to be compatible with one page checkout plugin


  • Bugfix: Check if order shipping has method 'getPhone' during the export.
  • Bugfix: Fix translations


  • Now the plugin is compatible with Shopware 5.4
  • Search for DHL packstations on the google map in 3 steps
  • Export customers phone number and company name


  • Bugfix: Disabling plugin causes incorrect display of a dispatch error


  • Bugfix: Restore placeholder for the maps field "zip and city"


  • Display DHL address on a customer's detail page
  • Combine zip and city fields in google map popup
  • Use separate snippet for delivery type in email template
  • Bugfix: Check that an order has been persisted


  • Do not hide address type field if country is not selected
  • Use shipping address if it exists and is not a dhl address
  • Bugfix: Display correct plugin logo in plugin.xml
  • Bugfix: Check that a customer address has been persisted


  • Bugfix: additional line on the order document if there was no DHL surcharge for the shipping.
  • Cursor: pointer for all preferred options in the DHL yellowbox.


  • Bugfix: Even if a user has used a non compatible shipping/payment method, preferred options will be saved in an order. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: Some minor changes in js and translations.


  • A new plugin configuration option "Enable/disable" for a subshop
  • New SDK version
  • A new plugin configuration option "Handling time" has been added
  • A new plugin configuration option "Include Google map API" has been added
  • Some minor changes in frontend around address handling
  • Bugfix: Handling virtual shipping methods
  • Bugfix: Document creation has been fixed


  • Bugfix: Lazy loading the "Shop" service to prevent exception if this service is not ready yet.

1.3.4 (coming soon)

  • Disabling DHL delivery options if not Germany has been chosen (with a tip).
  • Changed Vat calculation for invoice.
  • New option in the plugin configuration to show/hide the DHL logo.
  • Separate plugin configuration per subshop.
  • Disabling DHL notification about preferred options if all of them has been disabled.


  • Trigger original js events on payment/dispatch page reloading via ajax.


  • Bugfix: handle a situation if an address was created before the plugin was enabled.


  • Bugfix: handle a situation if an address does not have attribute.


  • Disable DHL Wunschpaket with not compatible payment/delivery options.
  • Disable DHL Wunschpaket surcharges on changing country not to DE.
  • Validate street field, guess address type.
  • Bugfix: Rename icons to have no conflict with other themes.
  • Bugfix: Disable country selection on saving address via ajax with errors.


  • Trigger registerAutoload on uninstall
  • Bugfix in account order history
  • change country to germany after paketstation choice


  • Some translations for DE have been changed.


  • Bugfix: Do a database update and plugin form refreshing on plugin update


  • Downgrade the plugin configuration to Shopware 5.2.
  • Bugfix: Handling address attributes if using external payment service.


  • Add a checkbox to Payment and Dispatch methods which will indicate compatibility with DHL service.


  • Now saving DHL delivery surcharge as a part of shipping cost.


  • Bugfix: Save order attributes even in case of external payment.


  • Display DHL attributes in an invoice PDF.
  • Display delivery surcharge in backend.
  • Emulate bcmul if it is not installed.
  • Disable country selection on choosing a DHL branch/packstation.
  • Bugfix: display currency in after-order mail.


  • Bugfix: do not show DHL delivery box on a chackout page if all delivery options set to "No".


  • Check if bcmath extention (bcmul function) is avalible during the plugin installation.


  • Bugfix: Plugin don't shows the DHL hint, if all delivery options are disabled.


  • Bugfix: Call assignDHLBoxToView on any front request
  • Change PostNumberValidator::POST_NUMBER_MAX to 12.


  • Change 'subcharge_for_time_and_date' condition of appearance.
  • Change "time" description in config.xml.


  • Bugfix: Fix address validator.
  • Template fix for better responsive on a mobile


  • Initial release of the DHL Wunschpaket plugin for Shopware.