• Bugfix: Don't display preferred days and times in the frontend if they are deactivated.


  • Bugfix: Added event listener for google maps API infowindow domready
  • Removed: Automatically open map on switch to Wunschpaket-Services


  • Bugfix: Outdated class name in the menu.


  • Bugfix: Outdated class name on ThankYou page.


  • Integration of Parcel Management API for correct usage of preferred day and time.
  • Bugfix: CSS and JS is still loaded when no search functionality is selected to not break the design of the yellow box.
  • Bugfix: Correct display of net price and taxes in the e-mail.
  • Bugfix: Always display pricing in the yellow box.
  • Bugfix: If any product is associated with only an excluded delivery set, neither a DHL-only address nor a Wunschpaket service can be selected.
  • Show tracking pixel only on one out of 30 days and only on the user controller


  • Added billing address as fallback when pre-filling locality and street for empty delivery addresses.
  • Bugfix: Wrong visibility modifier of oxcmp_user::_changeUser_noRedirect.
  • Bugfix: Added missing surcharges in e-mail templates.


  • Bugfix: Compatibility with PayPal module (overriding OK with NOT_FINISHED)


  • Include company field when exporting a CSV.
  • Bugfix: Reset shipping set in case it is excluded.
  • Bugfix: If each possible delivery is associated with an excluded delivery set, no Wunschpaket service can be selected.
  • Bugfix: If each possible delivery is associated with an excluded delivery set, no DHL-only address can be selected.
  • Bugfix: If ordering as guest, we show DHL services.
  • Bugfix: A newline character is always appended to the functions.php.
  • Bugfix: Check if any Wunschpaket service was used before checking if the shipping set or the payment is excluded.
  • Bugfix: Missing check if the user is logged in when determining which delivery set the user can choose.
  • Introduced null object in the JavaScript to avoid errors on deactivation of Standort + zu Hause features.
  • Removed information about the Wunschpaket features in the e-mails (but adding template variables).
  • Pretty printing of the selected Wunschpaket in the backend.


  • Merged zip and city field when searching for a parcel shop.
  • Set country of delivery address by default to the country of the billing address.


  • Fixed definition of the menu in the shop backend
  • Converted translation files to UTF-8
  • Changed default of excluded days to a more reasonable selection
  • The cut-off time will be considered even in presence of a preparation day.
  • Fixed backwards-compatibility issues (oxDb::quoteArray, array_column, oxconfig.OXVARNAME length)
  • Reordered overview over selected Wunschpaket features on the checkout summary
  • Kompatibilit√§t zu Oxid 6 hergestellt (bitte beachten Sie diesen Hinweis)


  • Days that cannot be selected as preferred day are not displayed
  • We display only five preferred days


  • Bugfix: Delivery time is stated in working days instead of days, which resolves an issue with the choice preferred days


  • Billing numbers added to order export
  • Price for combination of preferred day and preferred time
  • Exclusion of preferred day depending on availability and delivery time of articles
  • More parameters for calculation of preferred day: excluded days for handing over
  • New parameter for Packstation/Filiale search: street
  • Minor improvements in the frontend
  • More validation in the frontend
  • Usability improvements
  • Consequent use of theme switch based on ancestor theme


  • Extended theme switch so that it considers ancestor themes as well.
  • Excluding Packstation, Postfiliale and Paketshop individually implemented.
  • Excluding preferred day, preferred time, preferred location, preferred neighbor individually implemented.


  • Migration from "Standortsuche Deutschland" to "Standortsuche Europa"
  • Added support for Flow theme
  • Added validation for a Postnummer
  • Bugfix: Prevent error caused by strict error reporting
  • Bugfix: Using the correct delimiter for the weight when exporting an order


  • Added "Wunschpaket" functionality (i.e., preferred day/time/neighbor/location)
  • Added CSV export
  • Improved location finder: Now it finds Packstations/Postfiliales even for incorrect combinations of zip code and city.


  • Bugfix: Phone number, fax number and company could not be required fields.
  • Bugfix: Payment and shipping options were also excluded if the adress was no Packstation or Filiale.


  • Bugfix: Changing another configuration deletes exclusion configuration.


  • Removed upper version constraint.
  • Replace getSelfLink with getSslSelfLink to add SSL support.


  • Added functionality to exclude shipping or payment
    options when sending to a Packstation/Postfiliale.


  • Initial release of the DHL Lieferadressen plugin for OXID.